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The Blurb

I received solid advice that upon completion of my novel, I should wait at least 24 hours, then proof read. I did not follow that advice. I am paying for that.

Waiting that long was difficult. I managed to wait about 20 hours, then finished the last chapter and gave the book a hasty proof. The result was several typos near the end of the book. This falls under the heading of discipline. This is marked down in my “lessons” learned ledger.

Amazon KDP makes it possible to update your book. New customers will get the new version. Customers who already bought the book will have to be notified. Notification involves requesting the update through Amazon. It is looking like I will do this but I’m setling on a strategy.

But what does this have to do with the blurb? Because I did not get distance from the book, I was not able to summarize it from a reader’s perspective. Now that I’ve had a couple days away from the book (ok, ok, I peeked at a couple paragraphs … geez you are tough …) I was able to come up with a punchier blurb. Here is said blurb:

“They are specialized for warfare. They are born into a harsh life of duty. They are programmed from birth to sacrifice their own lives to protect and preserve life in the galaxy. This ancient species of female warrior fights against a relentless entity that can only destroy.

Captain Nina Gaav has lived this life for 250 years without question. She is the finest among the Advocate Warrior species. Her kind only knows the purpose it was created for until Nina is confronted with a choice. She is about to understand how life on Earth compares to life in the Milky Way.

“The struggle for survival among the species of a small blue planet is a mirror held up to the struggle for life in the Galaxy. Nina must look into that mirror to face which choice she will make. Her decision may tip the balance of life as the galaxy knows it.”

Updating the blurb involves changing it in the Amazon Kindle Desktop Publishing (KDP) interface. Because my book is available in a vast international market represented by oodles of Amazon websites run by legions of Amazon servers, the change will take a while.

The wait is a small price to pay for the awesome power and opportunity provided by the alternative marketplace that is Amazon KDP. The lesson here is wait. Patience pays off. I’m hoping that my lack of patience won’t heart my fledgling effort.

One thing is certain, my readers will tell me! The next wait I face is the one for reviews. This may fall under the heading of “be careful what you wish for”.

Stay tuned!


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