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No Reviews is Good Reviews?

My first novel has no reviews. Part of me is glad for this. I hope to get some decent, if not excellent reviews, but I fully expect to be eviscerated. It is a sad fact that most people only post reviews when they are not happy. I am guilty of this myself.

I’ve come across references in amazon related blogs and articles that describe how amazon is trying to improve the quality of its reviews. There are many trolls out there who feel empowered by the opportunity that reviewing gives them. There are also too many people who only review if they are moved by a negative experience. Those who are satisfied with their product, well, they are satisfied. They are happy with their product or service, so they don’t feel they should do any more. This is the way satisfied people behave and they can’t be blamed for that.

What amazon has done with the star ratings is to give greater weight to newer reviews and also weight to reviews that are voted helpful.

If this is the case, then we, as consumers as well as producers, should be more active in reviewing products. If you see a review that seems gratuitous or out of context or aimed at something other than an honest review, by all means vote it down. Also, take the time to review products honestly.

Participating in honest discussion of products and services using the tools provided for review can only improve the overall experience of both producers and consumers.

This is what I have been doing and I plan to do more of.

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