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New Release On The Way!

I am writing the final chapters my new novel Fleetfoot Interstellar. This story is set in the Genetic Imperative universe, 800 years in the future. Don’t worry, there will be no spoilers, even before I complete the sequel to GI.

In this new novel, a rogue freighter captain finds himself at the center of an emerging galactic conflict. He and his crew are caught between a powerful, bloodthirsty Reptilian Empire and the complacent and inept government of the ruling Trade Union.

The crew of the Fleetfoot I is a motley assemblage of homeless Insects, outcast humans and professional astronauts from a dozen marginal alien races. These merchant space farers are all who stand between order and chaos. Will they rise to the challenge, or collapse and scatter?

Find out in early June (If I can meet my word count … Wish me luck!)

Here is the concept cover as it stands now. Feel free to email me to let me know what you think.



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