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My Pen Is My Sword

(Originally published on Goodreads blog. Re-publishing here for fun and because content is content.)

My Pen Is My Sword

Or: Too Bawdy for Amazon KDP Forums

I am active in the Kindle Desktop Publishing forums. Maybe too active. For better or worse, I respond a lot over there because I learned a lot in those forums and want to contribute to the community.

One unfortunate author had his book flagged as adult because his book title included the word “pen is” (I have separated the word in two so to avoid automatic filters that good reads my have. It is not my intention here to use the word for male anatomy in a pornographic manner, but strictly in an academic sense.)

My response was flagged for moderation in the Amazon KDP forums because I used “pen is” with the proper spelling. I wanted to share it here because, modesty be damned, I thought it was a master stroke (HA!) of double entendre.

“As with much in life, the “pen is” is problematic.
Either a very intelligent algorithm or a moderately intelligent human has determined that the last word in your sentence was, is or shall be the word “pen is”

Sorry that amazon flew its adult flag from your flagpole.
It sounds like you are getting the shaft.
You may have to plunge your work into a more fertile market.
Remember that the pen is more mighty that the sword.
You may want to unpublish your work and publish it again, but this means you will have to pitch a new tent.
Also, with that title sales may be flaccid. It is good to have a book blurb that arouses the customer. Sometimes the mere suggestion of something can be more enticing than exposing the thing itself.

Hope this helps.

You are doing good work, keep it up.”

Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, thank you. I’ll be here all week….

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