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Concept Cover Art

Here is a rough sketch from Artist Ricky Gunawan  for an upcoming novel as yet untitled.

The story takes place 800 years after the events of “The Genetic Imperative.”

Meet Drex Hermes, a Rogue Freighter Captain and CEO of the Hermes Stellar Freight Company.

All he wants to do was run a little contraband so he might pay off his many loans, fill his bank account and retire. Instead, he stumbles across evidence of a Reptilian plot to attack the interspecies Trade Union that has supported Galactic Peace for 600 years.

Drex and his crew of misfits are pursued by Planetary governments that believe he knows the location of a stolen secret warship that may be the key to repelling a Reptilian attack. To make matters worse, his Insectoid crewmembers come to believe he is some kind of messiah that will deliver the Insectoid homeworld from environmental collapse.

If it means he can get the Insects to work for free, Drex is willing to play along with this scheme. The only problem with this is that the Queen Guardian also believes Drex is the Insectoid Savior. She is 9 feet tall, her stinger carries the most powerful neurotoxin in the known Galaxy, and she travels with her own personal army.

What could go wrong?


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