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Fleetfoot Interstellar, Book I

Now available on Amazon Kindle and Kindle Unlimited

Fleetfoot Interstellar


Fleetfoot Interstellar, Book I

When it absolutely, positively has to get there faster than the speed of light, call the Fleetfoot Interstellar Freight Company. This mixed crew of aliens from across the Galaxy will deliver.

It’s another day of work at the Fleetfoot Interstellar Freight Company.

Captain Drexler Fleetfoot just wants to haul freight between the stars, pay off his debts and one day, retire. When a rival crew of Reptilians tries to kill his Insectoid crew members and muscle in on his operation, Drexler tries to get even. Instead, he stumbles headfirst into a Reptilian plan to invade the Trade Union.

Now he is on the hook for starting a war, and on the run from the Reptilian battle fleet. Caught between a Galactic conflict and an unhappy crew he can’t afford to pay, Drexler will have to use all his skills to save his ship, his comrades and his business.

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